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I'm Kat Trevino and my design studio creates art for clients of business and personal needs. 

 - From Photo Alterations, to Graphics, Logo, Web Design, Fine Art or Commercial Print -

Let me help you make your visions a reality.

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I won Los Angeles' BEST ARTIST 2022

Presently I am represented by Lisa Berman and the Berman Agency - My P.R. is Michaeal Levine.

I have been an artist as soon as I had pen in hand...


I won my first art award at 9 years of age from R.I.F. the Nation’s

leading literacy program (Reading is Fundamental) - entitled “Find

your Fantasy.” I have tried to stay with that theme, creating fantasy

worlds in my art capturing imagery that otherwise could only be

pictured in your dreams.


I have since delved into many mediums of art from glass work,

photography, computer graphics, painting, sculpting, to writing.

I have published work since my late teens including 4 anthologies

and writing still 3 books including a children’s tale. I have shown in

galleries and museums since the 80's and have won awards,

scholarships and certifications regularly for my work.


I exhibit from London  - Los Angeles - Laguna

I just wrapped up a show in London at Boomer Gallery on the

London Bridge Tower with much success.

LOUPE ART – channel has added me to their Artist’s Collection.

I am now on TV and streaming my new line 24-7 internationally -

I have my own channel online.


I won the Latino Art Museum in Pomona’s Artist Colony awarded by the city of Pomona for my Artistic Contribution.


I had a yearlong exhibit: “Gilded Wings” 30 Years-30 Pieces in Palm Springs. My site: has my latest series of work; Drawings, photography, paintings, sculpture and computer graphics are all part of the collection.


For the last 5 years I’ve been teaching art and guiding the hands of creation. I teach methods, various mediums and art history opening up the full scope of the art world to my students focusing on their personal strengths.

My public art paintings adorn many cities including Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Sherman Oaks.

participated as a muralist with my piece, “Butterfly Skies” in Los Angeles’ “Mural Row” on the 101 Hollywood FWY where my work was seen my millions weekly.


My art has been covered in many books, magazines and newspapers, where editorials have encompassed my work.

The Sun Newspaper dedicated their entire Living Section front page to me highlighting my work and featured my Mural work.

I was also named “Artist of the Year” by Inland Empire Magazine where four full pages focused on my own Art Style “Kattmopsheres”.  


March 2020 my art made the cover of ‘Arts of Poetry’ Magazine along with several of my art pieces highlighted and featured poetry.


I find I create about people that are tied to a struggle that binds them from freedom (flight). Even on the edge of the sea where the winds carry my worries away the tides bring them back in. So close to paradise yet so far –

I have been guest Judge in Museums and Art Association exhibits and sat at the board of directors for the Fine Art’s Institute at the County Museum. I was Art Director for IONA and VOWS magazines where I advertised my work and created various design lines working with models and fashion directors.


Inspired by Morganne Picard and her influence in the art world,

I created her infamous image from Greg Gorman’s photo for l.a.Eyeworks that now is on display in Hollywood 2020.


I have my own studio, Kattworks, where I exhibit my work regularly and freelance for many clients in many fields. My clientele ranges from businesses, Politian’s, educational boards, celebrities to individuals.


My greatest creation is my son Drake, my true masterpiece. He is my true muse and I look forward to creating new works through his eyes and inspiration.

I create Art that moves people, that changes people and gives expression to share with the World. I want to be a part of this change and give people hope through Art.


Welcome to our artist highlight, where we bring you the very best in the world of creativity. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the incredible Kat Trevino, a true Southern California native who has been crafting her unique artistry for over three decades.

A Multifaceted Master of Art

Kat Trevino is a versatile artist, with a mastery that spans across various art forms. With a remarkable career that includes 35 years as a graphic artist, Kat's experience extends into the realms of illustration, painting, sculpture, and photography. Her journey through the world of art is a testament to her boundless creativity and dedication to her craft.

In a world where technology has rapidly evolved, Kat proudly boasts that she was creating and designing long before many of the digital tools we now take for granted even existed. She fondly recalls her days of studying photography using actual filters and lenses, a time when developing film in a dark room was the norm.

The Enigmatic "Kattmosphere"

What truly captivated us about Kat Trevino is her dynamic and surreal imagery. During our interview with her, she introduced a term that encapsulates her unique artistic style - "Kattmosphere." This name defines her innovative approach, blending photography, digital layers, and other elements to create her signature digital artwork.


​Kat's creative process often involves photographing several models and then embarking on a journey in the digital realm. She painstakingly selects and combines different elements from each photograph to craft her final image. It's a labor of love that can take hours or even weeks, reflecting her deep commitment to her craft. For her, creating these dreamlike surreal pieces is akin to giving birth, and at the end of the process, she sometimes feels both physically and emotionally drained.

A Distinguished Journey in Art

Kat Trevino is not only a gifted artist but an accomplished one. With a degree in Graphic Arts & Fine Arts, she proudly graduated at the top of her class. Furthermore, she expanded her horizons by delving into the art of glass blowing and sculpting. Her unquenchable thirst for artistic exploration sets her apart as a truly innovative creator.

Pushing the Boundaries

Kat is an artist who constantly moves forward, embracing the ever-evolving landscape of technology. She is dedicated to pushing the boundaries between the digital and real world. In a remarkable fusion, Kat has woven her art into an AI immersive world, creating an even more surreal environment for her creations. She invites her audience on a dreamlike journey, where reality and imagination intertwine seamlessly.

The Spotlight Awaits

After witnessing some of her exquisite work, Creative Artist Magazine has partnered with Six Summit Gallery to showcase Kat's creations at the 2023 Art Hearts Fashion Week extravaganza at the Majestic in Downtown Los Angeles. It's a testament to Kat's talent and the impact her art has on all who experience it.

A Passion that Never Fades

Kat Trevino has no intentions of slowing down. Her philosophy is simple yet powerful - "love what you do, and do what you love." Her artistic journey is an inspiration, a reminder that art is a never-ending adventure, and that, much like Kat, we should embrace our passions with open arms.

So, step into the mesmerizing world of Kattmosphere, where reality and imagination blend into surreal beauty. Kat Trevino's art invites you to escape to a dreamlike realm, a place that exists only in the boundless reaches of the human imagination.


Kat Trevino, Award Winning Artist, Announces Wearable Art

By Kyle Williams

January 3, 2023

From colorful scarves and kimonos to sleek dresses, one can support art while looking the height of fashion.

Now Kat Trevino’s entire art collection is available to wear. From custom clothing in a wide variety of styles to her jewelry collection, you can take art wherever you go and immerse yourself in it.

Kat says, “I’m very excited about my new line – it really brings my Art to a full circle. The pieces are designed beautifully in so many different styles and sizes. I even extended the scope by bring in Scarves, Ties, and umbrellas not to mention phone pops, and coffee cups.”

With her website and museums offering her art, Kat Trevino is making a splash in the art world and her fans can join in the movement. Some Museums haven’t been able to keep up with demand for her new line as the sales soar for her new collection. Kat’s art has been covered in many books, magazines and newspapers, where editorials have explored her work. The Sun Newspaper dedicated their entire Living Section front page to highlighting her work and featured her mural work.

Among other awards, Kat was named “Artist of the Year” 2022 by BEST OF LOS ANGELES as well as “Artist of the Year” by Inland Empire Magazine where four full pages focused on her own art style: Kattmospheres. She made the cover of MVIBE ART Magazine and has been featured in ARTELLS Magazine, MODERN RENAISSANCE, and INLAND EMPIRE Magazine. Kat’s visual and literary art has been featured in ‘Arts of Poetry’ and Purposeful Mayo magazine along with several of her art pieces highlighted and featured poetry.

Kat says, “I find I create about people that are tied to a struggle that binds them from freedom (flight). Even on the edge of the sea where the winds carry my worries away the tides bring them back in. So close to paradise yet so far – “

“My art is distinctive and surreal, and I welcome the audience to a place of strange and beautiful fantasy. No one sees the same thing in my work – I find it fascinating to hear the viewers perspective on my art and how it affects them,” she continues.

Now, the public can wear and share her acclaimed art every day. Colorful, unique tunics, pants, dresses, shawls, kimono style wraps, tops, t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, scarves, gift wraps, and more. Kat even offers jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and neckwear in a wide variety of designs.

One can really make Kat and her art part of one’s life.

Kat says, “I create Art that moves people, that changes people’s thought process through expression that I share with the World. I love to be a part of this change and give people hope through Art.”

For more about Kat Trevino and her fabulous art, go to:


Commission picks artist to represent city on Acrisure Arena mural wall

A city sponsorship of $10,000 is required for the mural, with most of the money going to supplies for the artist. Funds will come from a budget for grants and sponsorships.



The Palm Springs Public Arts Commission voted unanimously this week to have local artist Kat Trevino paint the mural representing Palm Springs inside the 10,000-seat Acrisure Arena currently under construction in Thousand Palms.

First things first: Representatives from the future home of both concerts and the new American Hockey League team, the Coachella Valley Firebirds, asked that each of the valley’s nine choose an artist to design and paint a 20-foot-high, 10-foot-wide mural for the arena’s Iceplex — the public ice rink inside the arena. The collection of murals could be viewed annually by an estimated 200,000 people.

  • Members of the Palm Springs City Council were poised to choose the artist at last week’s Council meeting but opted to have the Public Arts Commission pick the artist instead. 

  • “Whatever design is decided, it should be reflective of our city, not just something generically ‘desert-oriented,’” Mayor Lisa Middleton remarked, stressing that a local artist should get the chance to paint the mural.

  • “Palm Springs has a very unique and distinct look. It’s known for its mid-century modern architecture, pool parties, fun, entertainment, and excitement. We don’t want some generic cactus or desert scene.” — Commissioner Russell Pritchard.

  • The news: Arts commissioners took those concerns to heart when choosing between Autumn MartinoRyan Campbell, mother-daughter duo Linda Shrader and Echo Westover, and Kat Trevino.


Kat Trevino poses last year next to a traffic equipment box she painted in Downtown Palm Springs.

Meet Kat: Trevino was recommended by Pritchard because he said her designs “capture a vibrancy” of the city. He also pointed out that her work is already visible on installations around town, including on a bench at the Palm Springs Convention Center and a utility box at Indian Canyon and Amado. 

  • Trevino grew up in Palm Desert and has exhibited her work all over the world. She also teaches master classes at the Desert Art Center.

By the numbers: A city sponsorship of $10,000 is required for the mural, with most of the money going to supplies for the artist. Funds will come from a budget for grants and sponsorships.

Up next: Trevino will work on several proposals for a design and the commissioners will pick one to recommend at their meeting on Sept. 21. The city manager and city attorney will have the final say on the design, not the Council.

  • Painting at the new arena should begin in November and be completed by January 2023.


- Magazine -

W O R D S • I D E A S : K A T T R E V I N O

LIKE CLOUDS –Is Life in ‘passing’ Each form is all its own Each picture we see different Like stars, they stand alone.

LIKE CLOUDS –Tides pull you deeper The harder that you fight And shorelines meet horizons In skies where Clouds take flight

LIKE CLOUDS –Rising, Flowing Free We choose what course to take Together we’ve been molded Made by the hands of fate

Kat Trevino: When I create, it is a labor of love; every piece has a piece of me in it. No one sees my work the same as another; everyone has their own interpretation. That's what makes Art great. I love creating work that moves people and has them channel their emotions. There is nothing greater than that for me and to share it with the World.

of Poetry

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